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----------708 AM ChST Wed Nov 21 2018
CHANGES WITH THIS ADVISORY -------------------------- Man-yi has been upgraded to a tropical storm.
WATCHES AND WARNINGS -------------------- A Typhoon Watch remains in effect for Faraulep in Yap State and for Puluwat in Chuuk State.
A Tropical Storm Warning remains in effect for Chuuk Lagoon, Lukunor, Losap, Fananu, Ulul, and Puluwat in Chuuk State and for Satawal in Yap State.
A Tropical Storm Watch remains in effect for Guam and Rota in the Mariana Islands.
SUMMARY OF 700 AM CHST...2100 UTC...INFORMATION ----------------------------------------------- Location...6.5N 151.8E
About 65 miles west-southwest of Losap About 65 miles south of Chuuk About 150 miles south-southwest of Fananu About 155 miles west-northwest of Lukunor About 190 miles east-southeast of Puluwat About 205 miles southeast of Ulul About 330 miles east of Satawal About 520 miles east-southeast of Faraulep About 675 miles southeast of Guam About 690 miles southeast of Rota About 720 miles southeast of Tinian About 725 miles southeast of Saipan
Maximum sustained winds...50 mph Present movement...northwest...305 degrees at 23 mph
DISCUSSION AND OUTLOOK ---------------------- At 700 AM CHST...2100 UTC...the center of Tropical Storm Man-yi was located near Latitude 6.5 degrees North and Longitude 151.8 degrees East. Man-yi is moving northwest at 23 mph. This general motion is expected to continue with little change in forward speed through Thursday.
Maximum sustained winds have increased to 50 mph. Man-yi is forecast to intensify through Thursday possibly becoming a typhoon by tonight.
Tropical storm force winds extend outward from the center up to 75 miles.
NEXT ADVISORY ------------- An intermediate advisory will be issued by the National Weather Service at 1100 AM ChST followed by the next scheduled advisory at 200 PM ChST.
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